Friday, August 27, 2010

Have Files Will Travel

I cannot believe it is almost September!! My first two months back to work are coming to a close. It has been such a help to have my mother watching Benji for me while I was able to get back to work, get creative and earn some income of course!;) We are getting ready to take a trip abroad next week to visit my husbands family and when I come back, we start using our nanny full time. I found a great nanny on who has come by twice so far to get to know Benji before we leave for vacation.

So now that I have some help at home I can work from here more conveniently on a day to day basis, right? So how can I set up my home office space in a 2 bedroom apartment with a nanny and a baby? Currently my desk and computer are set up in my living room, but with the nanny and Benji taking over, it will be a bit distracting to work that way. Normally I'm a staunch opponent of working in your bedroom, however fortunately we have a nice size room with lots of space to set up a desk and lap top. The trick will be to make sure this workspace can "disappear" at the end of the day for relaxation time.

I have decided to use a simple desk from The Container Store. Since this is a temporary solution until Benji starts daycare in January, it was not worth it to invest in anything more luxurious. I began searching for some cute file tote bags that can easily be taken to and from the room depending on where I work from, as well as easily be taken to our office or meetings. I LOVE this one I found on It looks great and will be easy for me to carry around.

A couple of these cute letter trays and a pencil cup and I'm in business! I am really looking forward to having the help at home and I would be lying if I said I didn't love having the luxury of taking a 10 minute break here and there to hang out with Benji during the day! Looking forward to a great Fall with lots of friends, family and business!

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