Monday, August 9, 2010

The Gift Show Is Here!

Twice a year the Gift Show comes to the Javit's Center in NYC. It is coming up again starting this weekend, August 14th - 19th 2010. There is a lot to see and learn from the Gift Show and if you have never gone it is worth the trip. You don't have to be a designer to appreciate all the great products the show has to offer. From tableware and jewelry to furniture and clothing, there are a lot of new products to be found at the Gift Show.


SCREECH OWL DESIGNS - 'Dearest' Blank Notecard

This year, there is a new category for Baby and Child which I am of course excited to check out as well. For those unable to make it to the show or curious to check out the vendors beforehand, there is a pretty comprehensive website which lists all of the exhibitors. Most of them list their websites that you can shop from, and if you can't purchase directly through their websites, they will help you find a retailer that sells their products either in a store or online.
Here are some of my favorite sources to check out online if you don't make it to the show:
John Robshaw - Booth 8004 'At Home' section of the show.

Daphne Olive - Booth 9127 'Handmade Designer Maker'

Judy Jackson Stoneware - Booth 9314 'Handmade Designer Maker'

Seedling Kids - Booth 9577 - 'Handmade Designer Maker'

Digs - Booth 3743 'Accent on Design'

Screech Owl Design - Booth 3935 'Accent on Design'

Happy Shopping!! :)

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