Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So my first month at work is nearing its end. I have been fortunate enough to have help from my mother this summer until she goes back to work in Septmember. Since I work with my father near their home, I have been able to see Benji during the day whenever I want.

At first I was skeptical about this arrangement. I was afraid that I would be too distracted and not be able to focus on work. It has turned out to be the opposite. With Benji nearby, I have felt more relaxed and more focused since I know I can pop in to say hi at any time. I also don't get those pangs of guilt for leaving him at home while I am far away. This has made my transition back to work much more comfortable.
I am beginning to dread leaving him at home with a nanny for 8-10 hours a day come September when my mother is no longer available to help me. Finding the right person to care for your child while you are not around is a seemingly impossible task. I have met with a few nannies so far but none that have given me that "feeling" I am looking for. Am I being too overprotective, or are my standards set too high? If you don't set your standards high for your child though, then for what? I will keep looking for that Mary Poppins of a nanny through August and hopefully we can find someone that makes me feel as comfortable as a mother can feel when leaving her child in someone else’s care.

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