Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back To Work With Baby!

Well, it has been a busy first week back to work after a 3 month maternity leave. Although I had prepared mentally for this time, knowing that it would not be the same as before, it was still difficult to make that adjustment.

I had set up some phone meetings with potential clients for this week, only to find out that the day I had planned them, my nanny was unable to come as scheduled. This left me to decide whether to change the calls to another time, or take the chance that Benji would either be sleeping or quiet during the meeting. In the end I managed to get him to sleep about 20 minutes before, so I was able to keep the appointments. Needless to say it was another reminder that life as a working mom will not be the same as before!

On a positive note, I have realized that I am able to get a lot done in less time. I think there is actually room for more efficiency when time is more limited. We spend so much of the day wasted on checking unimportant emails, surfing or researching things that are not top priority. When faced with a more limited schedule, I found that I can actually get a lot more of the important stuff done. Working under pressure seems to be more productive for me in the end.

I read a quote this morning from an article in that said "The only thing that separates those who become entrepreneurs from those who don't is moving forward despite any fear." Entrepreneur Mom
This speaks to me since there is always fear when taking on such challenges as raising a family and nourishing a business. Fear of financial stability, fear of failure and fear of time to name a few. Although there is this fear, there is also an excitement and drive to get to work. To have that independent feeling again and to use your brain cells for things other than singing the ABC's!

All in all, it was good to be back in the professional world and I look forward to the challenges of balancing my personal life with my professional life.
Have a great weekend!

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