Monday, July 5, 2010

Healthy Nursery

As a designer, I have of course been interested in the whole "Green" movement sweeping the country. We hear the word "Green" so often lately though, that it's easy to forget sometimes that "Green" is not only helping the overall environment, but making your home environment a safer and healthier one as well. Now that I am a mom, I especially wanted to make sure that my son Benji's home is a non toxic one. I went to check out the Green Depot here on the Bowery in NYC for some non-toxic products. It is a cute store that offers sustainable, non-toxic materials and products in a fun and well designed atmosphere.
They offer paints with no or low VOC's which are healthy to breathe in, especially for children or people with breathing issues. Their carpets are handknotted and composed of 100% wool, vegetable dyes and natural latex backing which are beneficial for health and sustainability. On top of having these more environmentally friendly products, they can help you put together a well designed look for your children's nursery or room. Check out their online store for more products and information at

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