Thursday, July 8, 2010

Loving Quilts!

When Benji was born we received so many wonderful gifts! One of the best gifts we received was this handmade quilt.

Not only were we so touched by the time and thought that went into this gift, but Benji absolutely loves to look at all of the colors and pictures on it. There's even a square with his name and birthday on it for a more personalized touch.

I love how the handmade look offsets our more neutral and modern furnishings. It really adds an eclectic and more personalized touch to our decor. Of course, not everyone can make their own quilts and not everyone receives them as gifts. Get the next best thing at websites like Etsy or Sally Campbell.

Hannah Bella and Jake will make your quilt out of old baby clothes and blankets. Talk about personalization! And what fun for your baby to see familiar patterns and colors in one beautiful blanket.
It adds a warm and personalized touch to any decor.

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