Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back To Work!

Everyone knows it is a challenge being a working mom, but isn't until you go through it that you realize just how challenging it is. My professional life and personal life have always been intertwined since I am in business with my father. We run an interior design company and have been in business together for the past 6 years which has posed many challenges on its own. I have now been fortunate enough to add "mom" to my job criteria. Meet my 3 month old son Benji...

He has been the greatest gift in our lives so far, but figuring out how to balance our new family life with my professional life poses some questions. For the past 3 months, I have been fortunate to be able to be home with Benji and watch him grow. This time has been as chaotic as it has been amazing. I have taken time to focus on Benji, myself and my husband, and adjust to our new life as a family. The time has come however to get back to work, a seemingly impossible task at this point. So many questions remain unanswered and I am excited as well as nervous to meet these challenges head on.

-Will I be able to make it to meetings, be creative and impress clients all on 3 hours of sleep a night?

-When I'm at work will I always miss home and when I'm home, will I always be thinking about work?

-Will there be enough business and finances to justify paying full time day care to support my career?

These are just a few of the many questions that I am going to find answers to as I head back to work after the Fourth of July weekend. I am filled with excitement as I watch my DS on the baby monitor right now (he has begun sleeping on his tummy!) I am excited for the person he is slowly becoming, I am excited for our future with him and all of the fun that awaits, and I am excited to be a positive role model for him in my professional career as an interior designer and business owner. Next week is sure to start a series of interesting challenges, and I am looking forward to trying to have it all! :)

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