Thursday, November 4, 2010

Modern Colorful Photograpy For Your Home

I have been busy shopping for artwork for a client of mine and I found a great company that I thought I would share. They are called Art:Addiction and they have some really interesting photos of flowers, wildlife, and architecture that have a unique modern twist to them. The images are extremely high resolution and can be modified to any size within proportion. They can also be cropped to your liking.

Another great use for this artwork are their headboard size images which are great over your bed. They come about 60"x18" and again, they can be altered in size to accommodate your room.

I love the rich, saturated colors that really come to life on the wall. They have a great way to mount them on acrylic boards so that you don't need a frame which gives the artwork its more modern look. If you do want a frame, you can look through their selection of wood frames in order to add a more traditional or transitional touch to your space.

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